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Guest Amenities

landscapingSkerbeck Entertainment Group works diligently to make the midway comfortable for families. Families attending our carnival with young children will be pleased to see an abundance of covered rest areas scattered throughout the entire midway.

A covered “food court” provides another shaded area for seated food consumption. The food court has space for 8 picnic tables for family-style sit-down eating and hand washing stations. Food concession employees continuously monitor the picnic tables to clean off and disinfect eating surfaces with dilute bleach water, pick up garbage from the ground, and dispose of collected garbage from the storage receptacles. Our midways also have 40-foot light towers with 12,000 watts of illumination to light the dark corners of the grounds. In addition, all rides are washed prior to opening, and as part of the set-up process. During peak periods, moveable fencing is used to create queue lines for the most popular rides in order to avoid bottlenecks, and to allow for the smooth flow of traffic on the midway.

Where space allows, we also erect an office complex seating area. The area includes a landscaped and large shaded seating area with a view of the midway. Also, a fifty-foot diameter inflatable covered dome is used at some events for free midway entertainment or additional seating.

At larger venues, professional landscaping is also installed throughout the midway.

Taking these efforts with midway amenities promotes an environment that transforms an average parking lot or fair-grounds into an amusement park for the week of the event. Although these assets and procedures provide no direct revenue, it is part of Skerbeck Carnival's policy to make quality part of the process of fun. People who are in a friendly, non-threatening environment spend more money, return more often and spread invaluable "word of mouth" endorsements for the fairs and festivals that we play.

Antique Band Organ

Fun Dome

Height Signage

Rest Tents

Rest Tents